Give more than you get.

Since serving Southeastern Massachusetts since 1992, Heritage Flowers in Lakeville offers the finest floral arrangements, balloons, gourmet baskets, gifts and more! Avery Oldach, relator at re:fab  sat down with owner Darlene Donnelly-Lee to learn more about her local business.

“Business began on a whim!” explained Darlene. Work began starting with children birthday parties creating a variety of balloons and decor arrangements all while taking a six-week flower course, she explained. Darlene needed to learn everything she could about flowers in the six weeks to open the flower shop, as that was the ultimate goal.

The concept of the birthday parties was something she loved and had a true passion for.  Later, a storefront was up for rent at a reasonable price and she made the move.  When asked “What would your customers say they love most about the business?”  Darlene replied, “Our shop is a place with a friendly atmosphere and uniqueness.”  The business goal is to also make everything special for every client.  Staying unique, especially using the best and freshest flowers.  “I tend to give more than I get as well,” explained Darlene.  No matter the circumstance of any situation we are always reaching out a lot to help others.

As each day can be so different, it comes with its challenges.   “The competition is tough!” She explained further that most competition comes from grocery stores as florists provide a wide array of arrangements/bouquets to shoppers as it is so convenient.

Do you have a special anniversary, birthday or event coming up and looking for the perfect arrangement, call/visit Heritage Flowers!

Heritage Flowers

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