How to Halloween Proof Your Rental Property

As Halloween quickly approaches, a ghost and ghoul-filled holiday like this can encourage anxiety for some.  Chaos and stress can quickly build during Halloween without the proper preparation.   

Luckily, here are plenty of ways to brace for the holiday.  From prank-proofing to safety measures, we’ve gathered the top ways to Halloween proof your rental property. 

1. Look Around 

Halloween may mean indoor trick-or-treating between residences as well as an influx of visiting guests for parties. Avoid any potential safety hazards and liabilities by walking through the entire property before the night begins. Sweep the property for any tripping hazards, poorly placed decorations, and other safety issues. 

2. Increase Lighting

This spooky holiday is typically celebrated at night, when lights are dim and visibility is low.  Increased lighting can help ensure guests won’t fumble on decorations, but also deter potential pranksters from damaging the property.  

3. Set Restrictions 

For many, decorations are a quintessential part of the holiday. But in a rental property, that can cause issues for some. Set reasonable restrictions to account for the safety of each tenant. Suggested restrictions are fog machines and strobe lights that can limit visibility to many. 

4. Cool It Down

Jack-o’-lanterns are a fun and easy way to make your property festive, but flames increase the possibility of hazard. Enforce a no-flame rule and use flameless candles to keep the celebration alive without the risk. 

5. Clean Beforehand 

Despite much preparation, there is always the possibility of Halloween pranksters, stepped on candy, silly string and messy costumes impacting the property. Deep cleaning before the holiday can make post-holiday cleanup exponentially easier. Power washing and making necessary repairs can ensure smooth sailing throughout the fall. 


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