Top 7 Instagrammable Hot Spots of the South Coast

Take you Instagram up a notch. 

After being cooped up inside for what seems like a decade, we have gathered some socially distant and inspiring places for you to visit this spring! Whether it’s a unique art mural, seaside marina, or winery backdrop you’re sure to add some pizazz to your Instagram. Be sure to tag us #LoveSoCoLiving in your Instagram adventures! 

Tulips in Bloom in Lakeville, MA  –

We found your most colorful photo op on the South Coast! Tulips in Bloom pays homage to Holland’s famous tulip festivals. What started as an overgrown horse farm, is now Golden Hour Tulips out of Lakeville, MA. Planted with care, you can also pick your own tulips or sunflowers to take home! Check out our link to their latest events and hours this spring.

Westport River Vineyards in Westport, MA  –

Dating back to 1982, the Russell couple originally from Upstate New York dreamt of finding the perfect place to grow their sparkling wine. Since then, Westport Winery has become the largest vineyard in New England. Come enjoy a taste by the glass and perhaps snap a photo in front of the long and winding grape vines! Watch out for their latest announcements in April 2021, where Westport Vineyards traditionally hold Sunsets and Live Music. Get the chance to enjoy some local vino and tunes for yourself!

Borden Light Marina in Fall River, MA  –

Look no further for that perfect seascape photo-opp moment! Borden Light Marina in Fall River is family owned and operated with plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a picturesque morning coffee or romantic waterfront dining at night, Borden has all the best spots. One of the most breath-taking is the Borden Flats Lighthouse that would be perfect for any sunset! Check out their full schedule in the link above, from charity runs to potluck dinners it has everything you are looking for!

Jeff Saint Murals in New Bedford, MA

Catch a glimpse of local artist Jeff Saint, working his magic on abandoned walls around New Bedford center. If you’re looking to get some fresh air and spot one of his most original works, you may be in luck! To capture the emotions and express the fight against COVID-19, Jeff and his fellow graffiti artist Ryan McFee created a literal “eye catching” mural. These two artists have received positive feedback on how the mural symbolizes the appreciation its people have for its heritage. If you’re walking near Custom House Square Park, keep an eye out for its newest additions of flowers and much more!  

Dreamy Allen’s Pond Wildlife Sanctuary in Dartmouth, MA

If you’re looking to set the scene with a peaceful picnic or fields of wildflowers look no further. Allen’s Pond Wildlife Sanctuary in Dartmouth has fields of fresh grasses and wildlife. Through the old rock walls, scenic trails, and open skies, this is the perfect opportunity to get a dreamy sunset portrait. You may even see a butterfly or two land nearby!

Seaport Art Walk in New Bedford, MA  –

Take a stroll by the water in New Bedford this summer! The Seaport Art Walk is the largest outdoor public installation in town. Artists set up their sculptures and murals along the historic Seaport District. Last year’s theme comes from the New Bedford Whaling Museum’s “Lighting the Way” project. Each year this program highlights all ethnic backgrounds that shape this South Coast community. Take a peek at this year’s walk and catch a closer look into the heart of this community!

South Coast Artists in Dartmouth and Westport, MA

The South Coast Artists is a non-profit organization that encourages creative artists throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. One of the best ways to display artists’ artwork is through their open studio tours. At these events, you are able to interact directly with the artists in their own environment! This really gives you the opportunity to connect with the local community and really see where their artwork inspiration comes from. Take a photo in front of their SCA floral letters or with the art itself!

Outdoor inspiration has never been more accessible to you on the South Coast. We hope you get the chance to capture these colorful and wonderful local artists. We challenge you to explore your own community’s rich cultures! 

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