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“Outback Engineering is a civil engineering firm that is ready to tackle your next project from start to finish.”  The category of business focuses on Civil Engineers, Land Surveyors, Environmental Consultants, and Soil/Asphalt/Concrete Testing.  Project managers and principals of the firm stay closely involved with any projects and continuously work closely with clients to coordinate with other consultants, approving authorities and contractors. 

 Located in Middleborough, MA, the team at Outback Engineering has lived and worked in the community since 1997- and has a great rapport with many town boards and personnel.  Business arose from working for a different developer who needed services completed: both in engineering and surveying.  With eight employees primarily working for 1 developer, business then later expanded, all while providing excellent service and expertise.  The focused areas of Outback Engineering include site design, permitting and construction observation, land surveying, permitting, and testing services.  For customers who aren’t aware of business, in addition to the long running services they continually offer, Outback Engineering, Inc. is  now providing soil and asphalt compaction testing and concrete testing these last few years using the most latest non-nuclear egauges for field tests.  A surprising part of owning a business like this one, is that it is so important to always pay attention to details in each phase of operations, as business owners and workers are always sure to upgrade technology and service offerings to stay relevant. 

Want to know the inside scoop with some new updates with business? Principal Engineer, Jim Pavlik, is excited to announce with customers that Outback Engineering, Inc. recently purchased a double-ring infiltrometer.  Additionally, the business will also be providing soil testing services to reduce size of drainage basins, to preserve land area for additional purposes.

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Jim Pavlik- Principal/Sr. Civil Engineer

Outback Engineering, Inc.

165 East Grove Street

Middleborough, MA 02346