Spring Gardening Tips: Blooming with South Coast Landscaping

Get growing!

Ready to get your green thumb on? Now that spring has officially sprung, we’re excited to get our garden growing! We dug up some of the best gardening tips, top South Coast spots for garden supplies, and did a Q & A with a local landscaper from South Coast Landscaping! Similar to giving your house a good spring cleaning to freshen up, you can also give your garden a face-lift. Christian Gwozdz-Silveira founded South Coast Landscaping (SCL) five years ago, and always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur at a young age. Christian currently works and lives in Dartmouth, and loves the sense of community he gets every time he gets to work on a local project!

Today South Coast carries a lean team consisting of one to two employees. SCL offers a variety of gardening services including mulching, lawn overseeding, abravidee trimmings, and many more. According to Christian, the best thing about owning your own business is the “flexibility and the sense of accomplishment when you see a satisfied client.” 

We asked Christian for some advice for anyone attempting to garden or landscape on their own this spring. He suggests doing your own research on the best plants for your area, and/or for the best type of grass for the climate you’re growing in. A must-have product he recommends is, Scott’s Turf Builder for a greener and thicker lawn. If you’re new to gardening, keep reading for simple tips and tricks on getting started this Spring:

Boost your soils nutrients

Don’t want to wait for a traditional compost pile to decompose? Cut up a banana peel and bury the pieces in the soil several inches below the roots of your plants. Used coffee grounds or crushed egg shells can also do the trick.

Creating a clean slate

Make sure you weed and clear out brush where you want to plant. If you’re in a pinch for time, you can cut them out. For longer term projects you’ll want to take them out by the root. 

Plant hardy spring flowers

The pansy and viola are great options for May! Due to the fluctuating temperatures in New England, these little guys can withstand extreme hot and cold.

Fill in space around existing spring bulbs

If you already have some flowering bulbs like tulips for example, you will want to fill in the space around them for the summer as to not create bald patches. You can easily mark little flags as to not plant over your old flowers as well.

Sunny spots

If you have an area of your yard or deck with at least 6 hours of sunlight, a raised bed or container is a great option. If you have seedlings or bulbs check to see if a bed or container would be better.

Beginner planting hack

Another way to start your garden as a beginner is to buy young plants or set/transplants. Dig holes according to depth and soil type, and simply place starter plants. Fill in the soil surrounding it and you’re on your way!

Thirsty seedlings

Seedlings require the most water, as they cannot dry out. No matter what, don’t forget to water your seedlings daily!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these gardening hacks. As a special bonus South Coast Landscaping is offering 10% off anyone who mentions this blog post! Grab a spade or a shovel and get gardening, we’d love to hear what you grow this season!

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