Think Different, Drink Different!

Meet The Lady Behind The Bottle!

Local owner and wholesale distributor, Barrielynn Wise, born and raised in Needham, MA has brought her passion for wine & fruits from the hidden gem of The Finger Lakes in Naples, New York here to the South Coast Area!

Some time ago, Wise began crafting her own “small batch” of sangria.  While using the freshest ingredients and attention to detail, step by step and sip by sip, “SHE” was formed!  Wise is passionate, driven, ambitious and result orientated and believes her success at home and work is due to being around the small but collective set of people who are most important in her life.  Wise explains, “As a businesswoman my success speaks directly to the confidence, we have within us to embrace class and sass in all aspects of our lives.”

Her brand let us say, her ladies “The Sassy Red” and “The Classy White” were created in her image!  Being sassy is whatever YOU make of it: fun and of course…stylish!  The “Classy Lady” is more elegant, exquisite with her tastes.  The “Classy Lady” standards may appear to be higher than her “sibling” but as they are “sisters” each do a fantastic job of complimenting each other.

The Sangria Lady is largely well known for being associated with Food Trucks of America.  Also, winning the People Choice Award for the “Best Drink” at The New Bedford Food Truck Festival at Fort Tabor Park in New Bedford, MA, Summer of 2019 was huge!

With its beautiful packaging, flavorful taste and large presence around the South Coast Area, The Sangria Lady has been traveling and digging her stiletto throughout Massachusetts for quite some time.  The Sangria Lady can be purchased in numerous package stores in the South Coast Area.

Looking to purchase the “Sassy and Classy” (we know we want to) visit their website for more information!

BarrieLynn Wise, Owner

Needham, MA

Instagram: @imthesangrialady

Facebook: The Sangria Lady