The Richard A. Perry Memorial Foundation

“Celebrating, Empowering and Inspiring Children”

The Richard A. Perry Memorial Foundation, located in Lakeville, MA is committed to supporting educational programs and initiatives that encourage all types of learning for all students.

President and Founder, Cheryl Moura started the foundation to honor her dad Richard, and continue his legacy of community service and unwavering support of youth programs.

Since 2015, The Richard A. Perry Memorial Foundation has raised over $200,000 to support local and national organizations that share its mission to celebrate, empower and inspire children and their families.  Each year, an organization is chosen to receive a majority of financial support.  Contributions and support allow the foundation to continue helping others.

. “Richard was committed to making sure that children had access to programs and mentors that could empower them and give the confidence to succeed and become the next generation of community leaders,” said Cheryl.

The Richard A. Perry Memorial Foundation celebrates every child as unique and special.  All children are natural learners- learning, being curious, and developing at their own pace.  In education, the apple icon placed perfectly on top of a set of books or presenting an apple to your teacher, is indicative of the educational system.  However, as individuals there are many learning differences and are often not perfectly balanced.  A pear is the foundation’s symbol and is a very significant part of the overall story.  The pear, although a consistent shape, is sometimes bumpy and off-balance.  The pear is a representation of all students and individuals.

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So… Why Not A Pear?

The Richard A. Perry Memorial Foundation

239 Main Street

Lakeville, MA 02347